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Sticky Rice Social & Digital Content Agency
Sticky Rice Social Media Agency


Account Branding

There's not a single brand without a social media account. Period. And that's because social media is a fun, interactive and an inevitable place to be, while making meaningful connections with your audience. But engagement doesn't come naturally, it's about convincing users that you're made for them. That's where Sticky Rice comes in, turning brands' social platforms from "ok" to "WOW!". We (re)brand and (re)design all your content so you come out amazing.

Baia Baia Content production
Teaser video

Launching a brand is tough. Whether you are a new cool restaurant on the block or a super-duper fashion brand, you'll need strong arguments to captivate your people. And if social media is a place that can be quickly overwhelming, it's also a place where creativity thrives and you can stand out the way you should. Sticky Rice is launching unexpected - edgy - funny - noisy - viral campaigns so you can be sure of one thing : you'll be remembered for a long time!

Ben's Cookies Street Photography
Video Production

If you're sure of one thing is that your words are powerful. Your face is dazzling. But people need to hear it, see it, feel it. And with a generation that has no time to spare when browsing social media, video comes as the obvious solution to captivate, engage and get creative. It can be short, it can be long, that's up to you but at Sticky Rice we make sure it's on point and resonates well with your audience. It's time to shift from "likes" to "views" !

Marriott Marquis Videos
Influencers Marketing

Ah, isn't that the dream? Having social stars acting as ambassadors for your brand. Except it's not that easy. An effective influencer marketing campaign has to be thoroughly planned and executed to offer tangible results. At Sticky Rice we work with a thick network of influencers, with whom we collaborate to produce short videos, tutorials, games, edgy campaigns and many other creative concepts to always push your social strategy to the next level. Check out our sister agency Friyay to join one of our amazing influencer getaways!

Baia Baia Influencer Video


We love challenge !

Facebook lives

Have you ever wondered "what's so exciting about seing people go live"? Well, we're guessing you've never been to a concert. With everything happening in the moment, social users are begging for opportunities to watch live broadcasts. It's fresh, it's immediate and it's ENTERTAINING beyond any comparison. Guess what: we love it too! Whether it's on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, we develop your live projects to create deeper brand storytelling and gather a loyal community.

Ben's Cookies Facebook Live
Photography shooting

One of the main issue brands are facing is having to always provide their fans with fresh and fascinating content. Indeed, users on social media consume a lot of it and keeping up with the demand can be exhausting, even impossible. At Sticky Rice we make it a priority, with our in-house studio, to provide brands with amazing new social media content on a daily, weekly, monthly basis to make sure you never run out of things to say!

Feel like seeing something new, something bigger, better, bolder ? Sticky Rice is now working with a hell lotta Thailand's top ranking influencers, flying them into exotic locations and creating sensational social media campaigns. We have our sister company that focuses on influencer marketing, and -oh boy- we're making history.

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